Hello, my name is Samantha Acosta of Acosta Imaging. I am a recent graduate of The Art Institute of Phoenix with a Bachelor’s in Digital Photography. As a graduate emerging into the professional world, it is my goal to use my full artistic potential and passion to create beautiful images of all forms of photography.

Why architectural photography? Well, my journey here began after taking architectural engineering courses my final two years of high school. I was horrible at drawing out designs but what I took away was a basic understanding for form and shape. Fast forward to the last 3 years of my college education, I have spent my time studying photography and exploring beautiful, unique buildings around Arizona and Southern California. What truly is most amazing is realizing that we inhabit huge works of art, designed down to the smallest detail and what I strive to do is capture the perfect points of view and try to show people details that they might not have seen before.

In addition to expanding my knowledge in photography, I have worked for various companies in customer service. Every single one has given me more experience with people from all walks of life! I would love to work with my fellow creatives, tradesman and really anyone with a passion they want to showcase to the world.

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